Monday, October 12, 2009

New Duino644 kit (revision 1.1)

Thanks for ordering Duino644 kits.
At the moment, all of the "original", revision 1.0 (first batch of) PCBs are gone. In the meantime, I designed an improved version, by adding a few more components, to bring it closer to its intended functionality as the backbone of the Wise Clock:
  • 3 right angle push buttons (for setting up time, snooze, dimming etc);
  • piezo buzzer, for the alarm;
  • bright blue LED, as a background (and power indicator) light;
  • a bit bigger PCB.
This is the schematic for revision 1.1 of Duino644 (download Eagle file here):

and this is the board (download Eagle file here):

To my estimation, I should receive the new PCBs by Oct 20.
Once the new boards are in, I will have to re-price the Duino644 kit to cover the cost of the extra components, essentially increasing it by US$4, to a total of US$58 (free regular shipping to North America) and US$62 (free shipping outside North America) respectively.

The orders placed until then, at the old prices, will be filled with the new design. Consider this as a "promotion" campaign and take advantage of the "reduced" price.

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