Sunday, July 26, 2009

Buy Wiseduino kit

Update July 5, 2015
A redesigned wsduino is now available.

Updated Apr 24, 2012
This kit is now DISCONTINUED.

Updated Dec 5, 2010
I am currently shipping the latest revision of Wiseduino, which is 1.7.
Wiseduino+, a similar board but featuring DS3231 (extremely accurate real time clock) is also available, check it out here.

Updated Aug 1, 2010
I still have this kit for sale, with a newer, improved, board.

I have a few Wiseduino kits for sale, for US$34 each, free regular shipping in North America (add US$4 for any other destination in the world).

The Wiseduino kit includes the following components:
  • Wiseduino PCB;
  • ATmega328P programmed with the bootloader;
  • 28 pin socket for ATmega328P;
  • resonator 16MHz;
  • 24LC256 EEPROM, in either DIP or SOIC package (depending on the availability);
  • DS1307 real time clock, in either DIP or SOIC package (depending on the availability);
  • crystal 32,768 Hz;
  • coin battery holder;
  • 3V coin battery (CR1220 or compatible);
  • 4 x 10K resistor;
  • 4 x 100nF capacitor;
  • 40 pin female header;
  • 10 pin female header;
  • SPDT micro switch;
  • either molex 2-pin angled power connector or JST jack;
  • power cable, with battery connector at one end and female 2-pin plug at the other end;
  • 6 pin male angled header.
(Missing from the photo are the battery clip+ wire, the micro switch and the CR1220 battery.)

Assembling instructions can be found here.
Wise Clock sketches, formatted and commented, are published here (coming soon).

This is an Wiseduino assembled on a test PCB (green).
The release version is black.

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  1. Do you still have some of these for sale. I would love to try one out as the basis of my new alarm clock.

  2. Yes, I still do. It's a new batch of boards, see this post: