Saturday, October 30, 2010

Introducing Wiseduino+

Updated June 10/2011
Added images of the schematic and board and provided the Eagles files.

On this new Arduino-compatible board, similar in form and function to the older Wiseduino, DS1307 was replaced with the extremely accurate real time clock DS3231 from Maxim.

All the other feature were left intact:
  • ATmega328;
  • on-board real time clock with battery backup;
  • on-board EEPROM (32K);
  • connector for XBee adapter from Adafruit (with remote upload capabilities);
  • parallel row of prototyping board-compatible headers;
  • power switch;
  • prototyping area (which can be cut off, if desired, and used as breakout for an 8-pin SOIC SMD);
  • 6-pin FTDI connector;
  • sketches for Wiseduino work without modifications.
Enhancements include:
  • ability to use either resonator or crystal (and 2 capacitors);
  • ability to connect to the interrupt pins of DS3231;
  • better (manual) trace routing.

Here are the top and the bottom of the board:

Here are Wiseduino+ and Wiseduino (both partially assembled) side by side:

As a note, the PCB manufacturer cannot currently make black boards anymore (or it is prohibitively expensive).

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