Friday, September 18, 2009

Buy Duino644 kit

Updated Sep 30, 2011 - DISCONTINUED
This kit is no longer offered. It was replaced by the Wise Clock 3 kit.

Updated Jan 27, 2011
A redesigned (revision 2.1) Duino644 is back in stock. Read more about it here.

Note: Although I added a few more components and I made the board a bit larger, I decided to keep the price unchanged. I hope this is appreciated :)
Also, the picture below won't accurately reflect the actual component set. Missing are the 4 right-angle push buttons (one is replacing the reset button), the micro-speaker and the high brightness blue LED.

I have a few Duino644 kits for sale, on hand and ready to ship. After they are gone, any order will be fulfilled in about 4 weeks time.
Duino644 kits are US$54, with free regular shipping to North America.

For only US$10 more, buy the 2416 LED matrix display from Sure Electronics (ebay), and you can have a nice gadget on your desk to impress your friends an colleagues.

The Duino644 kit includes the following parts:
  • PCB;
  • ATmega644 / 20MHz, with bootloader;
  • either 16 MHz resonator or crystal 16 MHz (plus 2 capacitors 22pF);
  • 40-pin socket for ATmega644;
  • SD card socket (SD card is not included);
  • DS1307 real time clock, either in DIP or SOIC package;
  • 24LC256 EEPROM, either in DIP or SOIC package;
  • 3V coin battery (CR1220 equivalent);
  • battery holder for CR1220;
  • crystal 32,768 Hz;
  • 2 x 16-pin (2x8) female headers;
  • 3 x capacitor 100nF;
  • 78L33 regulator (3V3);
  • 10 x resistor 10K;
  • 3 x resistor 4.7K;
  • micro push button (reset);
  • micro slide switch (power);
  • 6-pin angled male header (FTDI);
  • either USB miniB SMD connector or USB type B connector;
  • infrared receiver;
  • 40-pin female connector;
  • either molex 2-pin angled power connector or JST jack.

Assembling instructions are published here.

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  1. Why don't you ship the Wisduino kit with the 2416 LED matrix display from Sure Electronics?

  2. I do, you can buy it here:
    It also includes the acrylic enclosure.