Saturday, September 5, 2009

Wise Clock 2 (Duino644-based) user manual

A user manual for Wise Clock is long overdue. I myself need to look through the code in order to find out what the commands are and how they work.

This "manual" is for Wise Clock 2, the one based on Duino644. It has extended functionality over Wise Clock ("glass domed"), since it is based on a more powerful processor and "platform" (featuring SD card, speaker, more buttons etc).

It will be long until this post becomes a proper manual, and hopefully I will find the time to update it regularly, as the features evolve, get refined (or dropped :) etc.

I should start by stating that the main feature of the Wise Clock 2 is to display the time, along with a user-defined scrolling text. The text is usually quotations (wisdom by famous people, funny punches, philosophic one-liners, sayings, maxims etc) gathered in the file named quotes.txt on the SD card. This file can be edited by anyone, on a PC.

Another feature that makes Wise Clock 2 original is the display: relatively large LED matrix, with a 16x24 resolution, readable from a considerable distance. Scrolling, at user-defined variable speed, enables even long text messages to be displayed in an effective manner and read easily.

Although some of the features may not be implemented yet, I think it is good to have them enumerated as requirements, so they are not forgotten :)


User command are issued through either the on-board buttons or through the Sony TV remote control (using Sony-standard infrared signals).

1. Remote control
  • CH+
  • CH-
  • VOL+
  • VOL-
  • digits
  • Enter
  • Power On/Off

2. Menu button
  • access the menu list at any time;
3. Set button
  • select a menu item from the menu list;
  • increase scrolling speed at any time;
  • set time for alarm, when in the right menu item;
  • set alarm on/off, when in the right menu item;
4. + button
  • increase display brightness at any time;
  • browse through the menu items;
  • increase speaker volume when in the right menu item;


Time can also (besides the buttons) be set using the SD card time.txt file, featured presented here.

There is a default scrolling speed and a default display brightness.

Other configuration parameters can be set through a configuration file on the SD card.

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