Thursday, November 18, 2010

"The Complete BookClock kit" now offered in store

This latest offering is a kit which, once assembled, will look as in the video below.

The Complete BookClock kit includes:
  • Wiseduino kit (see content here);
  • 8x32 LED matrix display from Sure Electronics;
  • laser-cut parts of the enclosure (1/4" bamboo plywood, 3/16" plexiglass front screen);
  • screws/nuts and ribbon cable for display;
  • tilt sensor.

Assembling instructions can be found here.

The Complete BookClock kit will be shipped 2 weeks after the order is placed. Drop me a line (s o m e o n e @ c i f o . c o m) if you are interested in purchasing this kit.

Updated Dec 4/2010
The source code (, downloadable here) is missing ht1632.h header file; I added this file by itself to the repository.
Also, if you have this file (or similar files containing HT1632 function definitions) around, in other projects (arduinoX/libraries folder), you may get compilation errors ("multiple definitions for function ..."). In this case, remove all other HT1632-related files and leave only BookClock project.

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Monday, November 15, 2010

BookClock contest winner

The contest for a BookClock enclosure has a winner. Among the few designs entered, one definitely stands out. An important criteria was the ability to produce the box, equally easy, on both small and large scale manufacturing. This hinted that the design should be based on a laser-cut solution. Below is the final sketch (there have been a few iterations) for the winning design.

I liked the way the box gets assembled, like a 3D puzzle, and also the fact that there are no screws sticking out from the front acrylic panel. The four screws that hold the display in place could be hidden even more if
the front panel is colored acrylic instead of the clear kind.

I already had two boxes made, one of bamboo plywood, the other one of black acrylic.
Below are some photos of BookClock box with the displayed attached, Wiseduino board not in yet.

Monday, November 1, 2010

Wiseduino+ kit available for sale

Update July 5, 2015
A redesigned wsduino kit is now available.

Updated Apr 24, 2012
This kit is DISCONTINUED (not available for sale anymore).

If you are looking into building an Arduino-based clock or a system that requires time keeping, this board is for you. Wiseduino+ not only offers an on-board real time clock, but an extremely accurate one, based on the DS3231 chip from Maxim.

Wiseduino+ is fully compatible with Arduino Duemilanove, from both the hardware (shields) and software (Arduino IDE) perspectives.

Since many people dislike (or are not comfortable with) soldering SMDs, the kit comes with the RTC chip DS3231 already soldered. (Note that there is no DS3231 in DIP form available.) All other parts are through-hole. Sockets are provided for the two other ICs (ATmega328 microcontroller and 24LC256 EEPROM).

Wiseduino+ kit contains the following parts:
  • PCB (green), with a (cuttable) prototyping area;
  • ATmega328 microcontroller chip, with 28-pin DIL socket;
  • DS3231 RTC chip, soldered on the board;
  • 24LC256 EEPROM chip, with 16-pin DIL socket;
  • 16MHz crystal;
  • 2 x 22pF capacitors;
  • 2N2222 npn transistor;
  • 4 x 100nF decoupling capacitors;
  • 6 x 10k resistors;
  • 40-pin female header;
  • CR1220 coin battery, with socket;
  • micro power switch;
  • 2-pin polarized power connector with wires attached;
  • clip for 9V-style battery (for use with a battery holder ONLY; NEVER connect to a 9V battery);
  • 6-pin right angle male header, used as FTDI connector.
To assemble the board, use the same (similar) instructions for building Wiseduino.
A partially assembled board is shown in the photo below.

From the software perspective, any sketch developed for Wiseduino should work without changes on Wiseduino+.

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