Thursday, November 18, 2010

"The Complete BookClock kit" now offered in store

This latest offering is a kit which, once assembled, will look as in the video below.

The Complete BookClock kit includes:
  • Wiseduino kit (see content here);
  • 8x32 LED matrix display from Sure Electronics;
  • laser-cut parts of the enclosure (1/4" bamboo plywood, 3/16" plexiglass front screen);
  • screws/nuts and ribbon cable for display;
  • tilt sensor.

Assembling instructions can be found here.

The Complete BookClock kit will be shipped 2 weeks after the order is placed. Drop me a line (s o m e o n e @ c i f o . c o m) if you are interested in purchasing this kit.

Updated Dec 4/2010
The source code (, downloadable here) is missing ht1632.h header file; I added this file by itself to the repository.
Also, if you have this file (or similar files containing HT1632 function definitions) around, in other projects (arduinoX/libraries folder), you may get compilation errors ("multiple definitions for function ..."). In this case, remove all other HT1632-related files and leave only BookClock project.

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