Saturday, December 4, 2010

Wiseduino revision 1.7

Updated May 16, 2011
Courtesy of Scott, for those who want to take a quick peek (without downloading the Eagle files), here are the schematic in PDF and the board in PDF.

Updated Dec 14/2010
Revision 1.7 has a glitch: SCL and SDA pins of DS1307 are left un-connected. This should be an easy fix (shown in the photo below), yet an embarassing mistake on my side.

So here is the deal: until the whole lot is gone, every buyer of Wiseduino kit will get an extra one of these boards for free, or any other freebee by request.

Wiseduino is one of many Arduino clones, fully compatible with Arduino shields and Arduino software environment (IDE).
What makes Wiseduino unique is the on-board real time clock (with DS1307)(*) with backup battery, and the 32KB EEPROM (with 24LC256).

(*) Wiseduino+ has on-board DS3231, an extremely accurate real time clock.

The latest revision of Wiseduino is blue (as I mentioned in a previous post, black boards are not a choice these days anymore). In addition, these are the other differences:
  • changed layout: some of the parts are a bit re-organized;
  • oscillator can also take a crystal (not only a resonator as before);
  • manual trace routing: allowed for better connections (no traces between the header pins, for example).

All the other great features :) are still in place:
  • on-board DS1307 (real time clock) with backup battery, and 24LS256 (EEPROM);
  • support for XBee adapter from Adafruit (radio communication, remote uploading of sketches);
  • parallel row of headers, compatible with prototyping boards;
  • power micro switch;
  • detachable prototyping area, with pad for an 8-pin SOIC;
  • all ICs on sockets;
  • 6-pin FTDI connector for uploading sketches (requires FTDI cable of FTDI breakout).

The new board is shown in the photo below.

I personally used Wiseduino for the WiseClock and BookClock projects. Others have used it for data logging (recording data to the external 32KB EEPROM) and general Arduino projects (since it is shield and software compatible).

The (corrected) board layout looks as in the image below.

The Eagle files can be found here (download schematic, download board).

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  1. Can I get a Wiseduino PCB from you? (if any left). I do not need any hardware.