Saturday, December 18, 2010

New and improved "Dual LED matrix shield"

Updated June 12/2011
Added schematic and board images, and provided the Eagle files.

The latest revision of the "Dual LED matrix shield" is shown in the photos below.

This board is a bit longer so that it can be fitted with standoffs on both sides.
It also features an on-board tilt switch (white cylinder in the photo above), two push buttons and an infrared receiver.

The two RG (Red, Green, Yellow) LED matrices are inserted in the machined headers (round pins), after the components are soldered to the board.

The schematic and board (also available as Eagle files here and here, respectively) are shown in the images below.

(Click on the image to get a bigger size.)

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  1. Hello there, I know this might be a little silly to ask, but is this revision got the same schematic as the other older revision? I want to learn how 'bits, and bytes' work in SPI I2C I understand very basic programming and servos motors etc and I think this will be good to further my understanding. I have found this code to try out and by changing WProgram.h to Arduino.h I was able to convert the code. (Kind of, or just fix it) I am not sure if this will work and if possible could you give me a few example codes? I live in the UK am I still able to buy the kit :) thank you for the time you have put in to this. Trevor Boultwood :D

    Arduino Code:

  2. Hello, please tell me which version of IDE arduino you use for this board and this prg ?
    Thanks very much for your answer.

    1. The code for SillyClock compiled with Arduino 18.
      To use it in Arduino 1.0 and later, you need to change #include "WProgram.h" to Arduino.h, then receive/send in Wire functions to read/write, if I remember correctly.