Monday, November 7, 2011


Purchase any of my kits and you can get one (or more, if you ask nicely :) freebee from this page (just email me with your choice).

I am currently giving away a few "surplus" boards and LED matrices.
Shown below are, from left to right:

You can also get the PCB for DWex, a small Arduino + RTC, that you can make into a DIY pocket/pendant watch. This board is mostly SMD, but not difficult to solder with a little exercise.

Any of the above PCBs can be used as originally intended (for kits), since there is nothing wrong with them (as far as I know). The challenge in building the LED matrix shields is in finding the right matrices (which is almost impossible, since they were "kind-of" custom made for me by a Chinese LED company some time ago). Nevertheless, one can connect other (compatible, that is common cathodes) types of LED matrices with wires, as this project demonstrates.

Next, there are 2 LED matrices. The left one is a 48mm x 48mm common anode RG, named GMA4688C, for which I couldn't find the datasheet. It is easy to figure out the pin configuration by checking the LEDs with a battery (and resistor, of course). The one on the right is a red LED matrix, 58mm x 58mm in size.

Keep an eye on this page as I will update it periodically. I will soon add other components (LEDs, rotary encoders, ribbon cables, terminal blocks etc) and remove the out-of-stock ones.

Also, if you need other parts for your projects, ask and I may be able to help.

Here is more:
  • SD card (empty) boxes

  • 16-wires ribbon cables

  • DS1307 (either in SMD SOIC or DIP) + crystal 32,768Hz
  • 2-pin terminal block
  • small and flat speaker, 16 ohms

  • LEDs (various shapes, colors and sizes)

  • rotary encoder (right angle)

  • laser-cut plexiglass plate (3mm thick) for the 2416 single-color LED display from Sure

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