Tuesday, November 1, 2011

From the "fan club" - LindorClock

Fellow Arduino enthusiast Anjan sent me these photos of his own interpretation of IllyClock, encased in a "compatible" Lindor chocolate case. I think it looks great.

From the email:
I put this one in a Lindor chocolate case and so the name. I had to cut the Lindor case to almost 2/3 rd the height to make it fit and look nice. The front design is still not complete, as you can see the  components and wires inside.

He used his own LED matrices with my Dual bi-color LED matrix shield, hence the wires and the prototyping board in the next two photos.

Keep up the great job Anjan. You are an inspiration to others.

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  1. Hi FlorinC

    Thanks so much for sharing this on your site. You had been a great support for all these projects. I am flattered to receive your compliments. I will send you a better photo when done.