Thursday, November 24, 2011

Dual screen Wise Clock 4

Using two 3216 displays together is an almost trivial hack. I wanted to make sure it works fine with the Wise Clock 4 board. The video below shows the new board running both "Night and Day" and "Wise Clock 3" (merged into one sketch, of course).

In practice, one can now build the "Dual Screen Wise Clock 4" with the two displays placed on opposite sides (back to back), or one next to the other (as shown in the video). A crazy idea would be to have 4 displays placed in a square :)


  1. Florin, that's awesome. I can't wait to see what you do with the xbees!

  2. Thanks.
    There are lots of possibilities. Honestly, I would prefer to see how others use XBee with Wise Clock 4 :)

  3. Florin, awesome as does Pong fare on the dual screen?

  4. Did not try it yet. With the bigger screen, there are just too many options (sometimes that's not a good thing) and a lot of work.