Saturday, November 5, 2011

LunaTik "reloaded"

This is my original post on LunaTik.

Coincidentally (I guess the Apple iPod Nano team thinks that they found the ideal shape and size), the latest, 7th, generation of iPod Nano has the exact same dimensions as the one it replaces (and for which LunaTik was designed). So, LunaTik and TikTok get a new (and well deserved) lease on life, from Apple itself. More, LunaTik is actually mentioned in one of Apple's presentations, officially endorsing the brand. Actually, even the current (6th) generation iPod Nano can be software-upgraded through iTunes with 16 new clock faces (some of them shown in the photo below, courtesy of LunaTik team, sent by email via kickstarter).

But this is not all. As I anticipated, watch "modules" (shown below) are being developed to be hosted by LunaTik. This could become the flagship of the designer watches. Can you imagine high-end watchmakers producing watches that fit LunaTik? How far fetched is to see a custom made-for-LunaTik Omega, for example?

A metal (aluminum) strap is in the works too. This new design, shown in the photo below (also received via kickstarter email) is called "Lynk", and available starting December 2011.

On the other hand, clones have started to pop up (see ebay), at much reduced prices.
I bought, out of curiosity, the black "LunaTik" from a Chinese site for $24. Packaging is identical (and as hard to unpack as the original), the 2-page presentation manual is the same and the two small Allen keys are included as well.

You can't tell until you look at the content. My black "LunaTik" has shiny silvery buckle, scratched aluminum strap stop and white steel socket screws. You get what you pay for. I wouldn't be surprised to see the black layer worn out after a few weeks/days (I may be a little ashamed to wear it in public though).

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