Tuesday, June 21, 2011

My impressions of Lunatik + iPod Nano

For my pledge for Lunatik on kickstarter, I got two different watch kits that can transform iPod Nanos into wrist watches. Here they are, in their original packages, as I received them. One is plastic (TikTok), the other, the cooler one, is aluminum (Lunatik), both with rubber straps.

One of my motivations for the pledge was to get a re-usable watch case. I still wishfully think that I can make DWex (or any future watch I may make, for that matter) in the form factor of a Nano, so it can be used with Lunatik or TikTok (or other iPod Nano case/wrist band for that matter). But until then, I am going to use it for its intended purpose.

I have been wearing the Lunatik watch for several months now, so I had enough time to form an opinion.
A few impressions that come to mind, in no particular order:
  • stunning design (I find it); sometimes I look at the watch without checking the time;
  • there is a (sometimes annoying, depending on my mood) delay between the touch of the screen and the moment the watch actually displays the time (waking up from sleep mode, in microcontroller speak); but this is a function of the iPod nano and not of the Lunatik;
  • the free end of the rubber strap sometimes pops up from the metal "strap keeper" rather easily (especially when accidentally touching the desk, for example);
  • when new, the rubber strap has a strong odor; it goes away after a couple of days;
  • when used only as watch, iPod Nano would require charging just once a week.

Overall, I am very pleased with my Lunatik watch. As everybody knows, iPod Nano is more than a watch. I am actually carrying a small computer on my wrist. It definitely attracts attention :)

The problem with any iPod/iPad-related gadget is that they will eventually get thrown away with the iPods/iPads themselves. There is little chance that the gadget will fit a newer generation of the Apple product, so there is little chance that it can be re-used. That is, don't expect Lunatik to fit the next generation of iPod Nano, 'cause it probably won't. Well, good for the manufacturer, not so good for the consumer. Still, Lunatik will make a nice conversation piece even when it will be on display in the "personal museum".

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