Saturday, October 29, 2011

Wyolum 2011 Innovation grant

Here is some motivation for you: Wyolum is offering two "$1,000 Innovation Grant" to the most qualified open source project applications submitted from now until Dec 3, 2011.

From the "news release":

WyoLum, LLC’s mission is to “Promote Open Source Hardware”.
To that end, we are pleased to announce two $1000 (USD) grants to be awarded to the most qualified applicants.

Entries will be evaluated on:
● Innovation
● Originality
● Technical feasibility
● Commercial viability
● Planned use of funds
● Timeline (Projects with goals that can be achieved within six months after the grant is awarded will score more favorably.)

Qualifying projects will be 100% open source (hardware and software) from development through to production. WyoLum team members will be available for advice and assistance throughout your project. If you have a killer idea, but have never fabricated a PCB, programmed a micro-controller or designed an enclosure, don’t let that stop you from submitting your idea. If we can’t immediately assist you, we will learn it together.

Submit completed applications to by December 3, 2011. Applications will be excepted in a combination of video (encouraged), html, .odt, .doc, .docx, blogpost. We will make all reasonable efforts to receive and evaluate your application.

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