Monday, November 15, 2010

BookClock contest winner

The contest for a BookClock enclosure has a winner. Among the few designs entered, one definitely stands out. An important criteria was the ability to produce the box, equally easy, on both small and large scale manufacturing. This hinted that the design should be based on a laser-cut solution. Below is the final sketch (there have been a few iterations) for the winning design.

I liked the way the box gets assembled, like a 3D puzzle, and also the fact that there are no screws sticking out from the front acrylic panel. The four screws that hold the display in place could be hidden even more if
the front panel is colored acrylic instead of the clear kind.

I already had two boxes made, one of bamboo plywood, the other one of black acrylic.
Below are some photos of BookClock box with the displayed attached, Wiseduino board not in yet.

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