Monday, July 6, 2009

SMD & TH revisited

Mr. kg4wsv pointed out a potential problem with the latest (revision 1.2) Wise Clock PCB: the SMD pads are "awfully closed" to the 2 DIP pads, so short circuits from accidental solder bridges may occur.
Although the DRC check passed successfully, a closer look revealed that indeed, the pads are dangerously close.
I fixed the problem by changing, in their respective libraries, the 2 pads of the DIP ICs, making them "round" instead of "long".
This is how the latest PCB looks like:


  1. Great work!
    Do you plan to open source your design?
    I'm building a similiar device, it would be nice to see code/eagle files.

  2. Thank you.
    Yes, open source, of course (I am a hobbyist). is currently manufacturing the boards. They should be offered soon on their site. I will have some documentation published as well.