Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Form over substance (part 2) - Examples of enclosures

Here is a collection of enclosures I assembled from the internets. These could provide some inspiration for future projects. The list is sorted by cost, ascendingly.
Everyone can draw their own conclusion, I am not going to comment on pros and cons (and make this post even longer).

Cardboard case

Jar case - Fireflies

Pelican case - XBox controller

Plastic Ferrero-Rocher chocolate box - Wise Clock rev 0.1

Cigar box

Altoids mint box - MintyBoost

Open side (open back) sandwich enclosure

Glass dome - Wise Clock

Moded book case - X10 Book

Photo storage box - Wide Clock

"Encased" by design - Let's piano

Plastic electronic enclosures from Polycase

Aluminum case from seeedstudio

Sparkfun project case

Plastic enclosures from Hammond

Acrylic stand for LCD

Custom made, laser-cut, acrylic faceplate - Monome

Custom made wooden case - Life Clock

Custom made wooden case + hard disk enclosure - Hifiduino

Cubesat (very very cool, also very very expensive)

Other ideas:
- lego themed enclosure;
- display case for 1/43 model cars;
- iPhone (or similar small consumer electronics) cardboard case;
- hangable (wall mount) floater frame, with mesh wires supporting the exposed electroncs;
- reclaimed/repurposed/reused electronic devices (modem, hard disk, iomega drive, radio, amplifier);
- modified clock (either desk or wall) case;
- cassette/VCR tape case;
- soap box (similar one is actually on sale at sparkfun);
- slice (1-2") of a large diameter (>4") PVC tube, with acrylic transparent/translucent covers (many years ago I made a round clock case like that);

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  1. Nice selection!

    I was looking for ages to find a suitable case for the blipbox, eventually having a Hammond aluminium box custom machined.

    What you haven't mentioned is the type of 'score and fold' custom plastic boxes such as those made by bafbox and others.

    Though in my book the cardboard variety will always be a winner!

  2. Thank you for mentioning bafbox. Now we have it on record. Maybe someone will find it useful. (Their web site is not very clear and kind of difficult to follow.)