Thursday, May 6, 2010

New version of Wiseduino

The new Wiseduino board offers several improvements (I would like to think) over the old one:
  • prototyping area, with pads for an 8-pin SOIC chip; this part can be sawed off along the fine holes, to match the dimensions of a small shield (and of the previous version); the intention was for this piece to be broken off by hand, but the PCB is too thick to make this possible;
  • two mounting holes for screws/standoffs;
  • power (5V) provided through the FTDI connector as well;
  • through-hole power switch.

The prototyping area can be used to add buttons, buzzer, LEDs, or even a voltage regulator.

Eagle files are available: schematic hereboard here.

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  1. Looks great. Where (/when) can I order a few kits? :-)


  2. Great - if I order a wiseduino, I'll now get the new and improved shiny version automatically? :-)

  3. Works great! The RTC and XBee connections make this board perfect for data logging.