Thursday, September 2, 2010

Cases for DWex

I've been looking around trying to find a solution for encasing the DWex watch.
A few ideas popped up:
  • use a case from an old pocket watch or stop watch;
  • build a machined-aluminum (CNCed) case from scratch (this would be an expensive venture), similar to that of the Nixie watch;
  • stich a tennis-cuff-like "soft case", with a transparent film material on top;
  • print a plastic case with a 3D printer  (e.g. reprap);
  • screw together a few layers of laser-cut acrylic.
The last two solutions seem to be suitable for "mass production". Some plans (for Makerbot watch) are already available, but they may need to be adjusted to fit the DWex.

Here are some links I found after googling around:

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