Monday, November 28, 2011

Buy Wise Clock 4 kit

The Wise Clock 4 kit includes the following parts (shown in the photo below):

  • PCB;
  • SD card socket (pre-soldered);
  • DS3231 extremely accurate RTC (real time clock) chip, soldered to the board;
  • MIC5219 voltage regulator, soldered to the board;
  • 74HC125 level shifter (5V to 3V3), soldered to the board;
  • 2 SMD LEDs (soldered);
  • 3 SMD resistors (soldered);
  • ATmega644P, with the latest Wise Clock 4 software;
  • 40-pin socket; 
  • 16MHz crystal;
  • 2 x 22pF ceramic capacitors;
  • CR1220 backup battery for RTC;
  • holder for the coin battery;
  • 3 x right-angle push buttons;
  • 9 x 10k resistors;
  • 3 x 4k7 resistors;
  • piezo buzzer;
  • USB miniB connector;
  • 6-pin right-angle male header (FTDI connector);
  • two 2x8-pin female headers (display connectors);
  • two 10-pin 2mm female headers (XBee connectors);
  • 220/470 uF electrolytic capacitor;
  • 3 x 100nF decoupling capacitors.
Note that the first bunch of components in the list are SMDs and come soldered to the board (that is, I solder them for you).

US$67 US$57, free shipping to North America

Please contact me for pricing to outside North America. (Usually, for Europe, the price is $5 more.)

To build a finished Wise Clock 4, you need to add your own 3216 display (made by Sure Electronics and sold on their site or on ebay), which plugs directly into the board (no cables are required to connect the Wise Clock 4 board to the display). You will also need to build your own enclosure.

Please read this post on how to connect the Wise Clock 4 board to the redesigned version of the display.

Assembling the Wise Clock 4 kit is very similar to assembling Wise Clock 3, shown here. (The few differences between the two kits are related to the XBee, and are very easy to figure out. Regardless, all new components are SMD and they come pre-soldered.)

If you want the "Complete Wise Clock 4 kit", that includes the 3216 display and a simple yet elegant enclosure, please visit this page.

The ATmega644P processor comes already loaded with the latest software, so you don't need to use the Arduino IDE to compile and upload the code. Essentially, after soldering all components in place, Wise Clock  4 should work right away.

Upgrading the software on Wise Clock 4 (when a new release is published) is similar to Wise Clock 3, and this process is detailed here.

Also note that, although Wise Clock 4 has support for the XBee RF wireless modules, no XBee module is included in this kit.


  1. Hi Florin, your text "..., please visit this page." about the "Complete Wise Clock 4 kit" doesn't actually contain any link. Perhaps oversight? Perhaps "Complete kits" are not presently available?

    Not sure, just wanted to pass it on so you'd know.

  2. John, thanks for reminding me. I fixed it now (added the "Buy complete kit" page).

  3. I want to buy in India "Wise Clock 4". Help me how to order and what will be price.