Sunday, July 26, 2009

The shoppe

Here are a few original kits you can buy from us. They are all open source, with schematics, board layout and software freely available.

Wise Clock 4 complete kit - US$125 US$115, free shipping to North America
Has support for wireless devices with an XBee footprint (XBee, Bluetooth, WiFi etc).
Includes everything needed to build the clock in the left photo except the SD card and USB cable (ask if you need those).

Wise Clock 4 kit - US$67 US$57, free shipping to North America

Includes the PCB and all parts to build the board in the left photo.

HDSP-2534 clock kit - US$40, free shipping to North America

Includes the PCB and all electronic components to build the clock in the photo. The phone dock/cradle is not included.

ProMini bubble clock shield - US$18, free shipping to North America

This kit includes mostly SMD parts to build the ProMini clock shield in the photo. Use your own ProMini.

ProMini OLED clock shield - US$30, free shipping to North America

This kit includes the parts, some SMD, some through-hole, to build the OLED clock shield shown in the left photo. Use your own ProMini.

WiFiChron alarm clock kit - US$47 w/o case /$61 with case

Make a desktop/nightstand alarm clock with WiFi capabilities.
Could be customized (through adapters) for other types of similar displays.

6-character alphanumeric Arduino shield kit - US$26 (free shipping to North America)

Quickly and easily add alphanumeric display capabilities to your Arduino projects.

wsduino - Arduino-compatible with on-board RTC and XBee support - US$27 (free shipping to North America)

Make a clock with no extra shields.

More stuff:

        The following have been discontinued and are no longer available. I may still have one or two laying around, so please ask if you really need any.
            • Wiseduino+ kit - Arduino-compatible featuring extremely accurate real time clock DS3231 - 


            1. in reguards to your wise clock 2, which I like. I had asked you if the display was 3mm or 5mm.
              You said 3mm, thats cool.
              Just so you know you might want to specifiy that in the listing cause I like the 5mm version also but that board IS in fact bigger.

              By any chance instead of the red display can you get the green one?

            2. tom, you are right, thanks for the suggestion. At the time of the publishing, the 5mm version did not exist.
              The display could be green as well (I usually ask for the preference).

            3. Wise Clock 3 complete kit...shipping to Germany is +4 US$??

            4. Peter, I should update that statement.
              For the complete kit, which is a box rather than an envelope, shipping to Europe is $20 ($12 more than to US). That's one of the reasons I prefer not to ship to Europe. PM me if you want it.

            5. Link "Wise Clock 3 complete kit" is worng, I get "Complete Wise Clock 4 kit".

              1. You are right, thank you for pointing that out. Fixed now.

            6. Do you have any Wiseduino boards left around? I bought one a while back and really like the RTC.

              1. Max, no, I don't currently.
                I re-designed the board and I will get a batch of PCBs in a few weeks. So please check back.

            7. Mai Florine, cand ma inveti si pe mine meseria asta ?

            8. why can i buy anything,the paypals dont work?

              1. Click on the image of the kit. That will lead you to the "Buy" page. Then click on the "Buy now" button. I just checked it, it works.

            9. love your artwork, and i still have some VFD tube sitting around and still not touch... :(