Thursday, August 25, 2011

New in store: Bi-color LED mini-display shield

This is my third and newest LED display shield for Arduino. It features two 8x8 RG (red/green/orange) 3mm LED matrices and it has the Arduino form factor, so it stacks perfectly on top of an Arduino 2009/Uno.

This Bi-color LED mini-display shield uses a similar schematic as my other Dual LED matrix shield, based on four 595 shift registers and a driver, in SMD package. The two 8x8 RG LED matrices plug into the machined (round) female headers.

The photo below shows all 3 LED shields together for size comparison, along with an Wiseduino. The "LED mini-display shield" introduced here is in the top-right corner. (All other shields in the photo are sold out.)

This LED mini-display shield also features 2 right-angle micro push buttons.

The LED mini-display shield comes fully assembled and tested.

  (US$35, free shipping to North America)

  (US$40, free shipping outside North America)

The LED mini-display shield can be seen in this video, plugged into an Arduino running a test sketch.

The source code used in this demo can be found here.

Images of the schematic (download Eagle file) and board (download Eagle file) can be seen below.


  1. Hi from France
    Many Thanks for this nice project :=)
    I'll build the same cause i lake it

    1. You are welcome. Please send photos when you are done.

  2. Hi Florin, I hope you are doing fine. Is the board available without the parts?if so how much will it cost and if it would be possible to send to bangkok, thailand?

    Can you let me know if it uses row anode or cathode?

    Thank you very much and look forward to hearing from you!

    1. Unfortunately, I don't have any blank PCBs.
      But I can sell you one populated (5 SMDs + 32 resistors), without the LED matrices (common anode, btw).

  3. Thank you very much for the prompt response. I don't think i can afford the board with the populated parts at the moment..but it would be worthwhile to know the cost for the same.