Monday, August 1, 2011

Big display (64x16) made of four 0832 LED displays from Sure Electronics

Here is some software help for those fellows interested in making a bigger (64x16 pixels) display by putting together four 0832 (sometimes also named "3208") displays from Sure Electronics (datasheet here).

The code base was originally written by WestfW. I just adapted it to keep track of the new X and Y coordinates and to direct the commands to the right display (among the four).

The four 0832 displays need to be arranged in the format below, with each one having the switch that corresponds to its number turned ON.

 |       1       |       2         |
 |       3       |       4         |

The code can be downloaded from here.

The 4x0832 setup running this code can be seen here (video taken by Sven). Note that the scrolling speed can be adjusted through the "delay" line at the bottom of the sketch, set to 3 seconds in the video.

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