Friday, October 23, 2009

Other "uzes" for Duino644

As mentioned in an earlier post, Duino644 can form the base for an implementation of the Uzebox project. A "uzebox shield" would be plugged in the Duino644 board, much as shields are used with Arduinos. The picture below shows my current effort in trying to get the "uzebox" working. Soldering is done, testing/debugging is next.

A few changes (from the Wise Clock setup) are required:
  • ATmega644 has a different firmware burnt in (not the Arduino/Sanguino bootloader);
  • the microcontroller, nominal frequency of 20MHz, is overclocked at 28.63636 MHz.
Many components on the main board are not necessary (RTC, battery, EEPROM etc). Instead of the LED display (2x8 female header) connectors, the four extension (8 pin female header) connectors are used.

I will post the results of this experiment later. I also plan to design a "uzebox shield" PCB.

On the same note (other uses), it was pointed out by fellow Arduino enthusiast BroHogan, of X10 fame, that the Duino644 is also compatible with his Nex10 board (I am grateful for the link on his page), so it can be used as the base for my next X10 project (following his instructions, obviously).

I will keep you posted on the Nex10 project as well, hopefully I will find the time to do it.

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