Sunday, November 15, 2009

Wise Clock 2 - New software release

Before talking about the new software release, I must point out a few corrections/edits I made in earlier posts:
The new software release can be downloaded from here. Most of the items on a previous "to do" list have been addressed. Following are the items I managed to do so far:
  • included Tone library (written by B. Hagman) to generate alarm sounds;
  • implemented functionality for the three buttons (Menu, Set, Plus);
  • removed the branching for ATmega328 (#ifdef _ATMEGA328P_), since many of the features won't fit in its RAM anyway;
  • ability to set up the date the same way as the time, through the file time.txt on the SD card;
  • display notification when the SD card is not inserted (or, to be more accurate, file quotes.txt is not found);
  • implemented sleep mode (more work is required for waking up from sleep mode with the remote control);
  • scrolling speed adjustable through 1-button (Plus) pushes;
  • dimming adjustable through 1-button (Set) pushes;
  • select to display the date or not;
  • ability to set the alarm time;
  • enable/disable alarm.
(Details and explanations to follow.)

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