Thursday, June 17, 2010

Wise Clock 2 now comes with ATmega644P programmed

Starting today, "Wise Clock 2 complete kit" has the ATmega644P microcontroller loaded with the latest version of the "Wise Clock 2" software (this is on top of the bootloader, of course). This means that after assembling it, there is no need for ATmega644P chip to be programmed anymore; this eliminates the need for FTDI cable, Arduino IDE, code download, compilation, upload, and greatly simplifies the construction of the clock. (Obviously, the software can be changed/upgraded any time through the FTDI connector).

Price for the kit remains the same, US$84, with free shipping (only to North America). Buy it here.

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  1. I recently switched from the DS1307 to the DS3231: much more accurate, no fussy external crystal, two alarms, battery backup. (DS3232 version even includes non-volatile memory.) SOIC-16 package, no DIP.

  2. I was planning to switch to DS3231 as well. Only problem is with the SOIC-16 package, not very suitable for a kit (it seems people have aversion to soldering SMDs; fear of damaging the chip maybe?).