Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Naming conventions

This is becoming a bit confusing even for myself. I could not find a name for the board powering the "Wise Clock 3", so I just named it "Wise Clock 3" board. On the other hand, the board that powers "Wise Clock 2" is Duino644. It sounds a bit silly, I know. I am still debating on the name for the new board and I am also open to suggestions. Until I find a better name, here is some help to clear the confusion.

"Wise Clock 3" is pictured on the left. It has a wider display (32x16, bi-color). The green board, as I mentioned, is called (for now) "Wise Clock 3 board".

"Wise Clock 2" is on the right side of the photo. It has a 24x16 single-color (either red or green) display. It is powered by the black board, named "Duino644".

Both Wise Clock 2 and Wise Clock 3 have similar functionality, but the latter has more features allowed by the bigger and better display. In the photo below they are working side by side.

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