Saturday, May 14, 2011

From the mailbag

From Matthias:
Check this out:

From Bill:
Just wanted to let you know that I enjoyed putting together the clock.  I have every step done except for cutting the coffee can and inserting the clock – wanted to get a little better and using the dremel tool first!  

From Magnus:
Put the DWex in a case now. Very prototypish and could be improved but it looks really cool to wear around the neck :)
Here's a video
Sorry about the Swedish in the video :)

From Nick (after a few back-and-forth hiccups :)
Florin, success! I've attached a photo....pride of place next to my Bulbdial clock....

A few updates on the kits:
  • the original glass-domed Wise Clock is no longer offered because the domes are more difficult to find (and more expensive these days, like everything else, it seems);
  • Wise Clock 2 complete kit is no longer offered either, since Sure does not sell the original (for which Duino644 was designed) 2416 LED display anymore; fellow Arduino-er Kenny suggested switching to (that is re-design the board for) the new 2416 display (also from Sure), but I figured it is not worth the effort to maintain two branches of the code (for WC2 and WC3) since Wise Clock 3 offers so many more advantages (size, colors);
  • compiled a TODO list for Wise Clock 3 software, including suggestions from Nick and Ruud:
    • display time with different colors, indicating the time left before the alarm goes on (as in IllyClock);
    • dimming the display from button "Set" (as in Wise Clock 2, which uses the 2416 display);
    • display seconds in "big clock" mode;
    • chime for hour and half hour (enable/disable);
    • moon phases (as in BroHogan's Nex10 clock);
    • adapt the menu options to the current settings; for example, do not show DT+ if the date is currently displayed;
    • display date-dependent messages (e.g. "Merry Xmas" for Dec 25), reminders (e.g. "John's birthday, 416.234.5555");
    • automatic daylight saving;
    • countdown timer.

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