Sunday, September 18, 2011

Wise Clock 3 with 5mm LED display

I recently bought the 5mm LED display from Sure Electronics (same datasheet as the 3mm LED display), just to see how it would work with the Wise Clock 3 board (so I can answer the questions related to this combination).

As expected, just plug the Wise Clock 3 board into the "INPUT" connector of the display (as shown in the photo below), and everything should work. Since you may not want the board to stick out, a better solution would be to connect the two using the ribbon cable provided with the display (you would need to replace the 2x8-pin female header with a a 2x8-pin male header on the Wise Clock 3 board though).

Update (Jul 20, 2014): Photos on how to connect the Wise Clock 4 board to the 5mm display using the ribbon cable can be found here.

This is a huge display. I think it may be visible from 30 meters away (can you imagine Wise Clock 3 in a public plaza?!).

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  1. Hey Florian..

    I have a 644 Duino.. what needs to be modded to get it to work with this big display.. I see from the pics extra wires on the front and back of the board?

    Also.. What is needed to get the Temperature to work?

  2. KPR,
    The wires on the board are some experiments I was doing. Those should be disregarded for the purpose of this post.
    You have a Duino644 from me?
    If it has DS1307 on board, then you would need to hook up a temperature sensor to display the temperature. DS3231, which is another option for RTC on the current Duino644, has an internal temperature sensor that can be read similarly with the time.

  3. Actually, even though I dislike code forking, I am going to write a post on modding a Duino644 (I still have some boards left) to work with the 3216 displays, basically running the Wise Clock 3 software.

  4. Sweet.. I'll look forward to that post.. and I'll email you about getting another board... I have 2 3216 displays.. Actually.. is it possible to gang the 3216 displays? So a 64x16 display running from a single 644?

  5. And on that note.. have you seen the 32x16 RGB displays @ Adafruit?

  6. This post shows how to chain 2 of the 3216 displays:

    Just need to write the software for the specific purpose/requirement.

    I saw the RGB display from Adafruit. That would make an expensive clock. I am sure someone is already working on it (maybe even Limor).