Sunday, April 8, 2012

Scrolling message sign with Bluetooth

A simple application for Bluetooth was suggested a while back by fellow arduinoer evanrich (who also created a home for his project on github): a scrolling sign using several cascaded 3216 displays and controlled through Bluetooth from an Android phone. His intention was to use it as a wireless sign that can be put in the back of the car to tell drivers to get off his tail.

I gave it a try myself, using Wise Clock 4 with Bluetooth and two 3216 displays, as shown in this photo (the blue LED on the BTBee is power, the orange one is communication status).

The code is a modified version of the one posted here.

This message sign, especially if it is made with the larger (5mm) 3216 displays, can be also used in waiting rooms, call centers, stores etc, to show dynamic and easily-changeable messages.

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