Friday, June 29, 2012

Animation on Wise Clock 3/4

Mr Ruud did it again :)  He took this video showing a few more features he added.

It is now possible to create your own animations which are stored on the SD card.
The APPS menu entry ANIM allows for continously showing one or all animations files.
Animation files are named: anim0.wc3 - anim9.wc3
There are also 4 special animation files named: time00.wc3, time15.wc3, time30.wc3 and time45.wc3
If ANIM+ is selected in the SETUP menu and the BIG mode is active then every quarter the correponding animation is shown once with a random speed. 
Besides the four time*.wc3 animation file, there are currently 4 sample animations: anim1.wc3 - anim4.wc3.

You may create your own animations (there is NO programming involved) by creating individual screens in Excel and then use a small conversion program to create the *.wc3 file. 
As the animations are stored on the SD card you can make them as big as you like.

If the LOG+ menu is selected in the SETUP menu then the following items will be logged in the wc3log.csv file:
  • every hour the current temperature is logged both in Celsius and Fahrenheit (32.5 degrees is stored as 325)
  • all entries created in the time clock (TCLOK) app are now stored in the log file

The wc3log.csv file is an ASCII Comma Separated Values file, which can be opened in Excel for further analysis (or for creating graphs etc).

The average log record is about 25 bytes long. The temperature logging will take 24 x 25 bytes =  600 per day. (So the 2 Megabyte log file will be full after about 9 years.)
A warning message ("log= @ End") will be shown when the log file is almost full, an error message ("log= FULL!") will appear if no more records can be written to the log file.

The SETUP menu entry CLRLG allows for clearing the complete log file, it will take about 10 minutes to clear a 2 megabyte log file.

Mike M. integrated all of the above changes with a previous version that works with FAT32. This code is available here.


  1. Brilliant! Looking forward to taking the code for a test drive....;-)

  2. Great to see the Wiseclocks getting wiser :) It shows how much the scope of these projects can be extended with these talented people. Congratulations to Florin for creating this remarkable gadget and encouraging others to enhance it. Very well done to all of you and looking forward to the code soon :)

  3. Thank you Florin for making available the code for the new version! Was curious about the converter program that converts from excel to .wc3 files. Any link or guidance to that program would be very much appreciated.

  4. Yes, the converter is missing, I will add it tonight as a separate file.

  5. Added, here it is: