Sunday, August 26, 2012

From customer email

Just wanted to let you know I finished putting together my Wise Clock 4 and it looks and works great!  Only took me about 6 months to get started it J.  Thanks for putting together such a nice kit.  I didn’t install an xbee on it yet but hope to experiment with that sometime this year.   I really like all the different modes – and have to read up on what they all do.  Is there a good link you can point me to that describes them?  Hope you are still working on new clock ideas.  Think I saw your name as a supporter of the word clock out on kickstarter?

On the 3216 LED display from Sure Electronics:
I did look at the clocking relationships on the scope.
The clock to data hold timing on the HC164 was marginal, 2ns, versus -2ns typical and 4ns minimum. Meaning it will probably work, but it's not certain. CLK, DATA and WR are buffered through 2 sections of an HC04, with a delay of 11ns, but CS_OUT is not, so with every successive board in a chain this timing degrades. They ran out of HC04 gates. Installing the 10pf capacitor at C1 might help, but it's not ideal.

The zip file did the trick. I now have them both up and running. 
I've attached a pic for your viewing.

Just wanted to let you know that I received my kit yesterday and have already put it together.  I was surprised, having not done any soldering in a long time, that it went together easily and worked on the first try!

Big Thank YOU guys!

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