Sunday, August 2, 2015

Introducing the "6-character alphanumeric LED Arduino shield"

This shield offers a quick way to add alphanumeric display capabilities to your Arduino project. It is based on the 14-segment 6-character LED display driven by two multiplexed MAX7221 drivers, through a method described in this application note.

 US$ 26 - free shipping to North America

The kit includes:
  • PCB
  • 2 x MAX7221 + 2 x 24-pin sockets
  • 6-character 14-segment common cathode LED display
  • 2 x 33k resistor
  • 2 x 100nF capacitor
  • machined header (as socket for the display)
  • male header (for the shield)

The board has a small prototyping area for adding project-specific parts, for example buttons and buzzer if you want to build an alarm clock (basic clock code for this shield here). Assembled, showing the time (from wsduino):

or, displaying text:

The shield uses Arduino pins D3, D4 and D5.

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