Sunday, February 14, 2016

New Wise Clock 4 software release

The latest release of the Wise Clock 4 software can be found here.

It includes a few new features:
The WiFi settings are configured in the SD card file message.txt, and they look like this:

#### ESP8266 configuration
# Esp8266.ssid Wireless SSID to connect to
# Esp8266.phrase pass phrase to use (WPA authentication)
# Esp8266.sntp optional SNTP server IP address (not hostname) for time synchronization
# Esp8266.rssurl optional URL of an RSS feed, like

Esp8266.ssid   BELL475
Esp8266.phrase 7xyz1E9F6

This feature is enabled in the code by the following line in file UserConf.h:
#define WANT_ESP8266
  • support for GPSBee (from seeedstudio): only the minutes and seconds are set from the GPS data, the hours remain as set from the buttons; synchronization is performed once a day and/or when the clock is reset (powered off-on);
To enable this feature, make sure the following line in UserConf.h is not commented out:
#define WANT_GPS
  • "Night" mode: turns the display off at night, between the hours set in message.txt file, as shown:
#### turn display off at night (in conjunction with menu "NIGHT");
#### formatted as HHMM (military time);
Night.start 1030
Night.end   600

This feature is enabled/disabled from the NIGHT+/- option in the SETUP menu. In Night mode, the display shows just a random dot. The implementation is in AppNight.class, and can be changed to display any desired effect (e.g. Bezier splines, Lissajous curve etc).
  • "Unix time" mode: displays advancing Unix time (passing seconds from Jan 1, 1970); accessed through the "UNIX" menu option.
Also, debugging (sending messages to Serial port) is now controlled by a single line in UserConf.h:
#define _DEBUG_

Before compiling and uploading the software, make sure the debug macro above is commented out (since it is not in the code you just downloaded). With the debug disabled, the code runs faster and takes less memory space.


  1. Woohoo! Timed on and off...nice! May even have a go at the GPSBee too...

    1. I didn't forget. It's just that everything takes longer these days.

  2. Didn't think that for a moment just gets in the way! ;-)