Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Wise Clock 2 software release for February 2010

Updated Apr 1/2010
Here are a few things to consider when using the "Wise Clock 2" library:
  • make sure your boards.txt file describes the version of ATmega644 you have (644 or 644P); if you use the wrong description, you will get a "wrong signature" error when uploading the sketch;
  • in Arduino IDE 18, you may get a compilation error related to "main.o"; if that happens, copy the main.cpp file from hardware/... /arduino to hardware/.../sanguino;
  • line 48 in Wise4Sure.pde sketch (#define _GREEN_DISPLAY_) needs to be enabled/disabled according to the display you want to use; if you use a red display, then comment that line out;
  • there seems to be multiple versions of the Tone library; you may even have one already installed; in case you get an error related to Tone library, leave only the version coming with the Wise Clock 2 library (which is tested and confirmed working).

I uploaded a new release of the Wise Clock 2 software, which can be found here.

It includes support for the new, green, LED display from Sure Electronics, which has the display memory organized differently than the red one (I could not find a reason they would do that; just for the sake of change?).

It also includes a bug fix: parameters (scrolling speed, brightness etc) retrieved from the RAM of a fresh RTC (that is, they were never saved there), came back with bogus values (of course, how obvious was that?). The latest release detects this case and saves the default parameters before retrieving them.

I will soon post a video of the green display in action.

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