Sunday, August 1, 2010

Features added to Wise Clock 2

The latest version of Wise Clock 2 includes a couple of new features:
  • displaying UTC time along with local time (menu item UTC); the time zone (for calculating the UTC) is specified in the file time.txt, as follows:
  • displaying the time in big font (menu item BIG); time will be shown as H12:MM; the digits are defined in grids of 6x12 pixels (file fontBig.h).

The good thing about ATmega644 is that one, apparently, can add code without thinking (yet) of memory limitations.
A few more ideas to follow in the future are:
- display bitmaps loaded from SD card;

The current version defaults to the RED 16x24 display.
If you plan on uploading this version and you have the green display, do not forget to un-comment the line
//#define _GREEN_DISPLAY_
in file ht1632.cpp.

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