Friday, August 27, 2010

Nixie clock

I could not resist adding yet another clock to my collection. This one is Nixie, although not Arduino-based. I bought the kit on ebay and assembled it in a couple of hours. It's got a PIC microcontroller and a DS3231 "extremely accurate RTC". In the process I learned that Nixie tubes need around 170V to work, voltage generated by a DC-to-DC converter built with a 555.

Although the schematic is provided, the code is not.

Here are a couple of photos.

The kit did not come with an enclosure, so I mounted the board between two laser-cut acrylic plates.

A wooden (oak) frame should give it a better look. But that's another project in itself.


  1. wow, buna treaba ai facut, esti din romania nu? si eu sunt interesat de arduino, deabia mi-am luat unul

  2. Merci.
    Sint, de multzi ani, in Canada.
    Arduino e un hobby bun, pacat ca nu am mai mult timp sa ma ocup de el.