Sunday, August 23, 2009

Dear customers,

Thank you for your orders. I am overwhelmed, literally.
I don't know yet what happened, but I got flooded, all of a sudden, with orders.
I thought of replying to each of you individually, so I apologize for changing my mind and doing it publicly, but I wanted to include the future customers as well.

So here is what the situation is: I ran out of some parts, including the boards.

I am able to ship kits to the first few buyers (I will notify you by email to confirm I shipped the kits on Monday, Aug 24).
I expect to get a new batch of PCBs in 2 weeks, so the kits will go out as soon as I receive the mising parts.

For those of you who want to reconsider your order (and cancel) because of the delay, I will refund your money. Just email me, and I will proceed accordingly.

Again, I apologize for the delay, it was really an unexpected event.


  1. Perhaps it was because you got adafruit'ed.

    Regardless of who bombed you, looks like someone owes someone else a beer... :-)


  2. You got mentioned on the Make Magazine mailing list.

  3. Yup - the power of ladyada ;-) No problems with the delay BTW

  4. Hey, if you need pcbs made and delivered quickly, I can recommend - my last order with them only took 1 week until delivered by fedex. They may not be the cheapest around (if you need fancy colored solder mask or gold plating), but they surely are quick.

  5. Thank you all for your understanding.

    madworm, thanks for the advice. I know about that service, since I read your blog :) (see link in the "News for nerds" section on the right column).

    The order was already placed with seeedstudio. They never disappoint, au contraire :)

    I will keep everyone posted.
    Thanks again.